Colon Health Problems

Written by Patricia Skinner
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All colon health problems have their roots in colon toxicity. Toxicity is caused by eating the wrong things, primarily too many processed foods and not enough natural, high fiber foods, and incomplete elimination. Once daily waste elimination fails to be complete, setting a person on the way to a toxic colon. Efficient elimination of waste products is the basis of good health, and a subject that needs our fullest attention if we are to avoid colon health problems of all kinds.

Possible Colon Health Problems

Typical colon health problems include irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, diverticulitis and even Crohn's disease. These conditions can only arise when toxicity is allowed to prevail. The best natural health remedies for a toxic colon are good diet and regular cleansing. If your colon is not emptying itself as you think it should, then arrange for a course of colon hydrotherapy sessions. You may also be advised to take a course of enemas, which could be coffee enemas.

Lots of people wonder what the relevance of coffee enemas is to colon health problems. Toxicity usually begins in the liver and spreads down to the bowel. Coffee enemas stimulate the bile ducts to flush themselves out, and this in turn stimulates the liver and colon to throw off toxins. This can sometimes happen at an alarming rate, and some people may experience nausea and headaches while the process continues.

Although unpleasant, such side effects are nothing to worry about. The answer is to drink plenty of water and lie down for a while. Usually, once the colon starts to cleanse itself, the unpleasantness goes away, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. Once the cleansing process is well underway, most people find that colon health problems begin to clear up by themselves, without medication.

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