Colon Hydrotherapy

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Many people are curious about what exactly colon hydrotherapy is. To begin with, the purpose behind using hydrotherapy to treat the colon is to remove a buildup of toxic waste that is the result of years of bad lifestyle and diet choices. Most people have some degree of toxic waste in their colon. Some have several kilos of matter clogging their system and hampering the normal functioning of the body, gradually degrading the immune system and the ability of the body to repair itself.

What Is Colon Hydrotherapy?

While enemas are useful at flushing out impacted waste from the last section of the colon, the entire colon can only be flushed effectively with colon hydrotherapy. The process is not nearly as bad as most people seem to imagine. Patient dignity is a technician's priority at all time, and you can always call a halt to the process any time you feel it is necessary.

At the beginning of a colon hydrotherapy session, a speculum is passed into the rectum to facilitate the flow of water in and out. The speculum is attached by means of a long rubber tube to the colon hydrotherapy machine. The technician will make sure that the patient is comfortable and set the machine to allow the first flush of water to enter the lower bowel. Then, after a few seconds, the pressure will be released, and the contents of the lower bowel, including waste matter will flow outwards.

The water flow will be restored and released alternately in this way until the water is flowing up to the top of the colon, and pockets and folds of waste will be flushed right out. The patient and the technician can observe what is eliminated from the bowel during these sessions when the contents flow through a clear tube set into the front of the colon hydrotherapy machine specially for this purpose. Everyone is amazed at the contents of their colon, and sometimes, despite experience, even the technicians are amazed, too. Removing this waste can only result in a patient feeling better. The technician may suggest an implant to replace some of the natural colon flora that are lost during colon cleansing sessions.

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