Constipation Cures

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Many people spend years searching for successful constipation cures, never really coming to terms with the problem. Simply taking a laxative will not really deal with constipation. Constipation is a symptom of a system that is not working properly. Taking a laxative is like just sticking a Band-Aid over a wound. You can forget the problem for a while, but when you cease to take the laxative, there it is, still there.

Chronic constipation requires serious attention, because it can be the basis of system toxicity, which will eventually cause a breakdown in overall health. Effective constipation cures, then, will attack the causes of constipation in the first place. The first aspect of your lifestyle that will need to be examined is diet. Often this is the single most important factor when seeking an end to constipation.

The Most Successful Constipation Cures

Eliminating sugar and processed carbohydrates will be the first step to take, along with adding sufficient high-fiber fruit and vegetables, all to be eaten in their raw state. If you have been suffering from bloating, you'll be surprised to learn that uncooked vegetables, such as cabbage, for example, do not cause the same bloating when they are eaten raw. Your body will be able to make full use of the fiber and nutrients from these foods eaten raw, and it will begin to cleanse itself. Often though, diet alone will not suffice if the body is already very toxic.

Another of the important constipation cures is colonic cleansing, also known as colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy. This is the most thorough of all constipation cures. A course of colon cleanses can often banish constipation for good, allowing the body to effectively cleanse itself. Once the fecal buildup in the colon is removed, the body's cells will start to discharge a backlog of toxins, and over a very short space of time, a person will begin to feel a lot more energetic and healthy.

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