Written by Rachel Arieff
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Detoxify your body the wisest and most efficient way: go after your digestive tract. Why? The intestines, particularly the large intestine, or the colon, are the source of the body's nutrients. These nutrients are extracted from our food by the digestion process. When they reach the colon, they travel through its permeable walls to the bloodstream, which carries them to all organs, glands, nerves, muscles and bones. What's left over is passed gently and regularly out of the body as waste.

What I just described was the ideal scenario. Unfortunately, the real situation for most people is far from that. Most people's colons are blocked, toxic, and inefficient. They are neither good at allowing nutrients to pass through the blood, nor at getting rid of waste. What results is poor nutrient absorption, leading to nutritional deficiencies, and poor passage of waste, or constipation. What happens to this waste? It sits in the colon, putrefying and causing gas and toxins to proliferate. A colon with an extreme case of this is called a toxic colon.

How to Detoxify

The esteemed Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain has said that more than 65 different diseases are caused by a toxic colon. It's true; many startling links exist between a sick colon and chronic fatigue, obesity, mood disorders, skin and hair problems, even muscle and joint pain. Of course, chronic digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea, and diverticular disease are directly related to poor colon function.

The smartest, most noninvasive and easiest solution is to detoxify the colon on a regular basis. Gently-acting herbal formulas are on the market that you can use to detoxify without altering your daily routine or diet. These formulas rely on the action of psyllium. This is a safe and very effective soluble plant fiber that cleanses the entire intestinal tract of built-up matter, toxins and parasites as it also reestablishes healthy and normal bowel action.

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