Fat Belly

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Fat belly may be a sign of a problem that has nothing to do with eating too much or being overweight. Obesity is what most people automatically blame for a fat, distended abdomen. They think their eating habits are the cause of their bulging middles. They are only partially correct.

In many cases, a fat belly doesn't coincide with extra fat on the rest of the body. This is a strong sign that the culprit is not obesity. Rather, it is more likely a problem with the digestive tract. A blocked, inefficient and unhealthy colon could be to blame. A parasitic infection could also be the cause of a "fat" stomach. As I will explain below, parasitic invasion usually goes hand in hand with poor colonic health. Other causes of a distended abdomen are growths or tumors and, of course, pregnancy.

Fat Belly Syndrome and Colon Blockage

Let's confine our discussion to the most common yet misunderstood cause of fat belly: colon blockage. The colon is crucially intertwined with the normal functioning of all bodily systems. It provides a place for the proper absorption of vitamins and nutrients at the end of the digestive process, and also pushes remaining material out of the body as waste. Often times, due to poor diet, lack of exercise, or medications, the colon gets blocked up. The effects of this blockage impact virtually every system of the body and include vitamin deficiencies, fatigue, constipation, bloating, and yes, fat stomach.

It's estimated that the average person has five to ten pounds of rock-hard fecal matter compacted in the colon. This will definitely swell the abdomen. A more disturbing occurrence, more common than you might think, is the incubation of parasites. Protozoa and worms can enter our bodies through undercooked meat, contaminated water, or contact with contaminated soil. A colon blocked with undigested, fermenting food matter is the perfect home for these parasites. They can live there for years undetected, multiplying and distending the abdomen.

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