Fiber Supplements

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Fiber supplements should never be confused with laxatives. Laxatives are chemical tablets (though some contain a bit of fiber) that provoke elimination by causing a series of spastic contractions in the muscles of the colon. They are a short term, emergency solution to a constipation problem that's commonly rooted in a fiber-poor diet, dehydration, toxins, medications, and insufficient exercise.

For constipation to be truly alleviated, all of these causes have to be addressed and remedied. However, fiber supplements can help in the process. They should be all natural, herbally based products that are proven safe for usage. They may be in the form of pills or beverages, such as teas or shakes. These supplements are a great way to gently clean your digestive tract from top to bottom.

How Can Fiber Supplements Help?

Fiber supplements are helpful to add to the diet because they make sure our bases are covered in maintaining a clean, healthy digestive system. Most of us don't get all the fiber we need. Plus, we all take toxins into our systems that need to be cleaned out later. Toxins are in pesticides on our fruits and vegetables; drugs and hormones injected into our meat; parasites that we inevitably end up ingesting or introducing through the skin or orifices; drugs and alcohol; and chemicals from prescription medications.

That's just a partial list, but you get the point. Add to that the toxic conditions created when blocked food material ferments in the bowel. Doctors have compared the average human bowel to a festering garbage dump, for all the toxins, foul gases and matter trapped there. It's important to remove this garbage from the bowel regularly, or it can absorbed into the body in what is called autointoxication.

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