How To Give An Enema

Written by Patricia Skinner
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A person may want to learn how to give an enema in order to help themselves, help a loved one, or both. Giving an enema is really a very straightforward process, and with good equipment it can be a simple but very effective way to support any efforts to improve overall health. While enemas are often simply purified water, herbs and other substances can be used to enhance other treatments, such as coffee, for example. Tap water should not be used for colon hydrotherapy or enemas because it can hinder the body's efforts to cleanse itself.

Learning How to Give an Enema

The first part of learning how to give an enema is to know what equipment you need. You can buy enema kits ready to use, which most people do online for privacy purposes. Enema bag kits and parts should be washed well with soap. The fill water should be purified and warm. Clamp the enema hose shut and fill the bag with water. Hang the enema bag up close to the person.

The patient should be lying on their side for this part. It's vital that you proceed very gently when learning how to give an enema. Start by inserting the nozzle very carefully, being certain not to force anything. Vaseline or lubricating gel will help smooth the passage. When it is positioned properly, you are ready to proceed by opening the hose clamp.

When the lower bowel is as full as possible, tighten the clamp and remove the nozzle. Stay lying down, but turn from side to side if you can to try and make sure that the water penetrates any diverticuli or pouches that sometimes form on the wall of the colon. Only when they are successfully flushed out, and the body is fed with the right nutrients, will such issues as diverticuli, ulcers and leaky gut syndrome begin to heal. When you can no longer retain the enema, a visit to the toilet will render the enema complete. Learning how to give an enema will be of great benefit to you and those close to you.

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