Ibs Treatments

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Most irritable bowel syndrome sufferers start off by going to their doctor for IBS treatments. They're always disappointed to learn that there is no official cure for IBS. It can, however, be brought under control by sensible diet and lifestyle changes, and many people who developed a commitment to improving their health have managed to eliminate the symptoms of IBS altogether using natural methods.

One treatment that your doctor may give you that is sometimes considered among IBS treatments is a kind of "anti stress drug." Tranquilizers may be used for the short term, but stress needs to be dealt with decisively and effectively to have any real good effect. Tranquilizers in the long term will merely contribute to your toxic body condition, as they are chemicals.

Most of the time, when an IBS sufferer talks about "natural IBS treatments" they are actually talking about natural health treatments that work equally well for a wide range of health problems. Chief among them will be the treatments that actually detox the body. Colonic stasis and the resulting toxic residues are extremely irritating to the bowel and can cause a number of bowel disorders including IBS.

Effective Natural IBS Treatments

Colonic cleansing is a favorite of natural practitioners to flush out debris that is hampering the normal working of the colon. It can easily be classified among the best natural IBS treatments. These toxic deposits can have a very detrimental effect on health in general, and once they are removed, many people find that IBS either improves greatly, or all but disappears. Although colon cleansing can be carried out at home, it is wise to have at least the first few treatments in a clinic for best results.

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