Natural Remedies

Written by Patricia Skinner
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It's often after spending a lot of time visiting the doctor and not feeling very much better that people start to think about finding natural remedies for whatever ails them. Usually though, the reason behind chronic bad health, whatever the symptoms, is body pollution of some sort. The best natural remedies to begin with are those that encourage the body to throw off toxins.

Any natural remedies that can help the body lighten the load of tissue waste and toxic accumulations will contribute to overall better health. Enemas and colon hydrotherapy are a good place to start. High colonics are not for everyone though, so if you have any intestinal complaints, you need to consult with a naturopath first. However, most people benefit from the occasional colon cleanse, and different kinds of enemas are the basis for several different natural cancer treatments, such as the Gerson Therapy, for example.

Natural Remedies for the Bowel

If you suffer from candidiasis, or you have any reason to doubt the health of your bowel, you'll need to make sure that the therapist gives you an implant of natural bowel flora, such as acidophilus, to help replace the good flora flushed out with a colon cleanse. Make sure that you have access to healthy water too, as it's important to have a good intake of either good spring water or filtered water. Avoid distilled water for long periods. It's fine for removing impurities for a week or two, but more than that and you may run the risk of losing minerals and other vital nutrients. After you've been completely cleansed, it will be a perfect time to take advantage of other types of natural remedies, such as dietary therapy, vitamin therapy, or herbal therapy.

Colon cleansing and enemas are among the best natural remedies of all for flagging energy levels. Getting rid of accumulations in the bowel can help to make your entire body work more efficiently. You'll be amazed at the difference, particularly if you've suffered from constipation recently.

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