Optimal Health

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There can be few individuals who seriously don't care about achieving optimal health. It's a subject that's on our minds for much of the time usually. Most of us, sadly, fall far short of our health goals for one reason or another. Mainly it's due to lack of information about how to go about the business of achieving optimal health.

The Path to Optimal Health

The good news is that it's not nearly as difficult to achieve optimal health as some people would have you imagine. It's true that good health needs a certain level of dedication, but you don't have to be a total fanatic. Bear in mind that the odd lapse is not going to dash your health hopes to pieces. It's what you do every day, year in and year out that really counts.

Take basic food for example. Without making the right choices here, you will have very little chance of reaching optimal health. Make healthy choices regarding your basic food, however, and it will be easy for you to undertake the other commitments that will take your health status from poor to blooming. Only when you make these changes will you start to realize just what a difference good health makes. Far too many of us are used to dragging ourselves around day after day because we are under-nourished (modern processed food will do that to you) and suffering from years of body pollution from the wrong food.

Everyone knows by now that they should be including a grand amount of healthy fresh fruit and vegetables in their daily diet. How many of us actually follow that advice though? The only people who should probably avoid fruit, at least for a while, are those suffering from a condition called candidiasis. Because it is a fungus, candida thrives on sugar. In this case, sticking to vegetables and salads for a while may be a good plan and will still contribute admirably to your goal for optimal health.

Don't Leave out the Meat

Contrary to the advice of some health gurus, most of us can benefit from a daily serving of high quality protein in the form of meat, chicken or fish. High quality protein will help with many major bodybuilding and renewing tasks. We all need a certain amount of carbohydrates every day, but keeping them to a minimum and cutting out refined carbohydrates such as white bread, white flour, and sugar or anything containing them may be the best thing you will ever do for your health.

Optimum health relies on oils in the diet. Every hormone or prostaglandin that our bodies use for daily running is made from the oils we eat. It is a fact that those hormones rely on the right kind of fats and oils. You'll probably be very surprised to know that what you've been taught for years regarding fats and oils is all wrong. Those artificial margarines that are touted as cholesterol free and marvelous for your health are, in fact, anything but healthy.

Beware of Trans Fats for Optimal Health

Processed fats and oils are full of trans fats. These will make you old before your time, and far from helping the body build and make the biochemicals it needs to run on, they will produce tissue sludge and dangerous by-products that can even cause cancer. Natural is always best. Virgin olive oil and fresh butter are probably two of the healthiest choices of all. In addition, any kind of cold pressed oil is excellent. Don't reject meat fat either, because it too can be used by the body and unless it has been subjected to very high temperatures, will not contain trans fats.

If you have been following a very bad diet for decades, or you simply have a very sensitive system, your path to optimal health will probably consist of some kind of tissue cleansing in addition to dietary changes. A liver flush consisting of lemon juice and virgin olive oil will be a great start, and for many people gives their energy and determination a kick start. Don't attempt any ambitious exercise regimen until you have cleansed your system of some of the dross that has accumulated, and you are feeling better from your improved diet. You will then probably have the energy needed to make other changes to your lifestyle, including environmental changes, that will put you firmly on the road to optimal health.

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