Prostate Cancer Treatments

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Every year, literally hundreds of men undergo prostate cancer treatments in the hope of regaining their lost health. Sadly, most of them overlook the one course of action that could save their lives. The cause of prostate cancer is a toxic system, and in particular, a toxic bowel. The prostate lies in close proximity to the bowel, and if the bowel is discharging toxic substances into the bloodstream, the prostate will be first in the line of fire.

Effective Prostate Cancer Treatments

All the prostate cancer treatments in the world will not have the desired effect if no effort is made to address the system's toxicity. It's absolutely vital. The first step will be to remove toxic residues from the colon, preferably with a course of colon hydrotherapy treatments, and perhaps some enemas, too. Coffee enemas are particularly useful for cancer treatment. Cancer, according to Max Gerson, cannot occur in a body that has a clean liver. Once the bowel is not working to cleanse itself properly, toxic substances will back up in the liver. Coffee enemas help the liver and bile ducts to cleanse themselves.

In addition, diet must be strictly according to what's beneficial. Many therapists recommend at least short periods where nothing but raw fruit and vegetables, perhaps in the form of juice, along with the necessary nutritional supplements, are taken. In cases of cancer it is strongly recommended that you consult a naturopath or other natural health practitioner in this regard as well as an M.D.

These two strategies form the basis of the most effective natural prostate cancer treatments. Colon cleansing and effective diet can, of course, be supplemented with other prostate cancer treatments, but unless they are used nothing else will be effective. Be prepared to experience headaches and nausea at first. To begin with, the system will be throwing off some nasty substances that will make you feel bad once they are in the bloodstream. It will pass, however, and you'll soon start to feel refreshed and renewed.

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