Written by Patricia Skinner
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Plants have yielded some of the most potent health and anti aging formulas available. The appearance of a product such as Kinerase, then, is not too much of a surprise to many of us who have been following developments. What is a surprise is that the active ingredient is so effective, given that it is a synthetic plant hormone.

Synthetic plant growth factor, N6-furfuryladenine, is also known as Kinetin and has proven an excellent agent for slowing the passage of time as far as your skin is concerned. Indeed, Kinetin is precisely what keeps flowers and leaves blooming freshly for a long time. This is the chief effective ingredient for Kinerase products. A range of different formulations are available to provide women with products that suit their lifestyle. In addition to ordinary moisturizer in cream or lotion form, there is a cleanser, an intensive treatment, an eye treatment and Kinerase with SPF 15 for those who love the outdoor life.

Kinerase and Your Skin's Moisture

The most important factor determining how young looking your skin remains is its ability to retain moisture. This actually depends on many factors, and is greatly influenced by your genes, lifestyle, and particularly your food choices. However, it is also possible to enhance your skin's performance and stave off the signs of aging with the use of topical agents in the form of creams, providing the molecules are small enough to penetrate the dermis.

Kinerase has been found to be highly effective at improving the look of skin in trials. If you would like to improve the look or texture of your skin, or if you suffer from rosacea, eczema or dermatitis, then Kinerase might be suitable for you. Kinerase is also suitable for people who have just undergone surgical procedures such as dermabrasion.

Moisture is an important element of any anti-aging program and not all skin treatments effectively address the issue of moisture retention. Kinerase performs admirably in this regard. Studies show that after only 12 weeks of using Kinerase, subjects' skin was able to retain 15 percent more moisture. At 24 weeks, moisture retention was improved by an impressive 25 percent.

A Combined Regimen for Your Skin

Although using Kinerase by itself will produce improvements, it will not have the effects you long for if you don't make any attempt to also change other factors that affect your skin. If you smoke, giving it up will have a tremendous effect on how your skin looks, both now and ten years down the line. Drinking plenty of water also has a greatly moisturizing effect.

Experts insist that a moderate exercise program will do a lot to keep you looking young. For one thing, exercise keeps the muscles toned--even the muscles of your face--so that the skin stays taught rather than sagging with time. Also, the improved circulation that you get with exercise will flush your cells with fresh, oxygenated blood that can renew and refresh the way you look.

Don't make the mistake of following a very low fat diet for long periods of time. This will deprive you of the raw materials your body needs to make vital hormones that will keep your skin young looking. If you are depleted in fats, your skin will not be able to produce the mantle that traps moisture and keeps your complexions soft, dewy, and young looking.

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