Kinerase Eye Intensive Creams

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The area around the eye is particularly delicate. It is easily stretched, prone to puffiness, and quickly responds to stimuli, making this area particularly prone to allergies. In addition, any unsuitable products used near the eye can irritate the eye itself and may even endanger the sight. This is the reason why all good skin care lines have a special product for eyes, and why ordinary face cream is not recommended for use around the eyes.

Kinerase is no exception. Kinerase eye cream is very gentle, like all Kinerase products. Unlike most eye creams, however, it has even more of the active ingredient you will find in all Kinerase products. Often, the skin around the eyes ages before the rest of the face. If you want to tell a person's true age, looking at the eyes will give the strongest clues, unless they've taken particularly good care of themselves.

Applying Kinerase Eye Cream

Any kind of eye cream should be applied sparingly with the tip of the middle finger, in a dabbing motion. Take care not to stretch or drag the skin. Too much cream may encourage puffiness.

While it is good to use Kinerase cleansing cream to clean the eye area, again don't use too much. In addition, ensure that you remove the product thoroughly with water and dry gently before applying Kinerase intensive eye cream. Another step you can take to improve the look of the skin around the eyes is giving up smoking if you smoke. Alcohol will also take its toll on the way your eyes look. If you have allergies, have them attended to, as they often contribute to puffy eyes too.

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