Kinerase Products

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Kinerase has a whole range of products specially designed to clarify the skin and improve its texture and appearance. Intended for twice-daily use, the regimen consists of cleansing and then moisturizing using one of the Kinerase products best suited to your needs. Immediately you will be most likely to notice an improvement in your skin's hydration. It may also look brighter during the first week or so.

What to Expect with Kinerase

After that you can expect an improvement in texture and color to some degree or another. Of course this will vary from person to person, and may be affected by a lot of other factors, such as diet and overall health. Users maintain that results are distinctly noticeable after three months of continuous use of Kinerase.

Although Kinerase supplies a moisturizing product that also contains SP15 sunscreen, you can apply any sunscreen on top of the moisturizers and you can also apply makeup immediately after use. In addition, Kinerase products are perfectly safe for use with vitamin A products such as those that contain retinol, or with glycolic acid creams. This in particular sets Kinerase apart because many other skin care lines cannot be used with such products.

Tests show that after 12 weeks use of Kinerase, users can expect to see a 15 percent improvement in skin hydration, and after 24 weeks, a 25 percent improvement. Kinerase is very gentle so it can even be used by people who have rosacea, eczema or dermatitis. Use after dermabrasion treatments is also recommended.

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