Kinerase Samples

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Although you'll learn from Kinerase samples whether or not you like the texture and fragrance of the products, you won't be able to see the full effect of using Kinerase without using it for a full three months. The advice is, by all means, take your samples and try them, but you may be missing out on a lot of good results if you just go ahead and make a negative decision on the strength of trying a small sample.

Although the science behind Kinerase products is pretty impressive, it cannot work its magic in just a few short days. Damage to our skin due to lifestyle, the environment and hereditary factors doesn't happen overnight, so it is rather unrealistic to expect any product to undo the damage overnight. People who have used Kinerase products say that they begin to notice slight differences almost immediately--within a week--but that the real improvements don't begin to appear until at least a couple of months' regular use.

Powerful Anti-Aging Products

Since Kinerase products contain one of the most powerful anti-aging agents known to skincare science, many of the people interested in using the products will be people with mature skin. Often, as we age, our skin loses its ability to retain moisture. This is why it appears thinner and gradually begins to develop lines and wrinkles.

Kinerase skincare products gradually improve the ability of skin to retain moisture. After 12 weeks of use, skin has been found to hold 15 percent more moisture. After just 24 weeks using Kinerase, skin can hold up to 25 percent more moisture. You can see from these statistics that mere samples are unlikely to give you the results you're really looking for.

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