Kinerase Skin Care

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Often users decide to begin using Kinerase skin care treatments when they are looking for a skin treatment that is gentle, yet effective. The search may be triggered by the onset or worsening of conditions such as rosacea, eczema, or dermatitis. A skin care specialist may recommend the use of Kinerase after undergoing dermabrasion or micro dermabrasion. These conditions and treatments require the use of medically approved skin care products to ensure that delicate new skin cells are not damaged and pores are not clogged.

Caring for your skin with Kinerase involves using the products twice daily. A thorough cleansing consists of massaging the skin with Kinerase cleanser for two to three minutes and then rinsing thoroughly. After patting the skin dry Kinerase cream (for dry or normal skin) or lotion (for normal or oily skin) should be applied, avoiding the eye area. Some people prefer to use the lotion in the summer months, even if they have dry skin, as it is lighter. For the delicate skin around the eyes, Kinerase has developed a special eye cream.

Need More Active Ingredients?

There is also a concentrated formula for skin that needs extra care. C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment has even more plant growth factor to speed the rejuvenation of your skin. This formula is recommended for those with mature skin or sun damage.

Kinerase products all provide a perfect base for makeup, which can be applied directly. For those who prefer not to use a separate sun protection cream, there is a Kinerase moisture product with SPF 15. If you have any degree of sun damage, you should give your skin the protection it needs by always wearing a sun block.

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