Spf 15 Kinerase

Written by Patricia Skinner
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One of the many good things that can be said about Kinerase products is that you can apply your sun block and makeup right on top of them with great success. However, many of us are too busy for a beauty regimen that involves the use of too many products, so we'll be looking for ways of streamlining the process of taking care of our skin. SPF 15 Kinerase is just such a product.

It is at once a powerful sun block product as well as a very effective treatment for all kinds of skin conditions. The active ingredient of Kinerase is kinetin, which is a plant growth hormone. It helps the skin to renew itself and to retain extra moisture. It is designed to help users achieve a clearer, younger looking complexion within a few short months.

Protect Your Skin

Minimizing exposure to the sun's rays is recommended by many dermatologists today. Spending hours in the sun unprotected simply is not good for our skin. Some people develop signs of sun damage much more quickly than others. Everyone will develop some degree of sun damage, however, if we spend a long enough time in the sun. Sun damage is not attractive, and it can trigger some very hazardous processes in the body, even leading to skin cancer.

Wearing a sun block will allow the body to heal any sun damage already developed. It will also prevent any further sun damage from occurring. If you use a product such as SPF 15 Kinerase, you will be getting the best of both worlds by speeding the healing and recovery of your skin.

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