Bad Breath Treatment

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Rinses and Pastes

Bad breath treatment comes in a variety of different forms. Many people who suffer from halitosis depend on medicated toothpastes and rinses to keep their breath smelling fresh. Most of these products only fix the problem temporarily.

Antiseptic Bad Breath Treatment

For a more permanent solution, looks for antiseptic mouth rinses that kill bacteria living in the mouth. These will have longer and more effective results. Continue to drink lots of water and avoid those foods that tend to leave an odor.

If you suffer xerostomia, or dry mouth, there are certain medications that you can take. Consult your dentist if the aforementioned treatments don't solve the problem. Your dentist can prescribe a bad breath treatment that is more potent.

The best way to avoid bad breath is to maintain healthy dental hygiene. Through good brushing and flossing habits you will eliminate much of the unwanted odor. For a selection of treatments for bad breath, click on the link above.

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