Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentists

Written by Patty Yu
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From porcelain veneers to dental bonding procedures, Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists can completely change your smile in a few simple visits. Beverly Hills is a town where even a smile is a huge asset to a person's career in entertainment. For this reason, Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists are discovering a tremendous demand for various cosmetic dentistry procedures that straighten and whiten the teeth.

Over the years, technologies improved to offer patients a number of fast, safe, and natural looking results. Porcelain fillings and veneers are commonly used to create white, straight smiles and invisible fillings. Low radiation X-Rays that emit 90% less radiation replace conventional X-Rays in the most up-to-date Beverly Hills dentists' offices. Laser procedures are also used for many new cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Common Services from Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentists

There are a number of reasons why a person may seek out Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists. Some people remain self-conscious about their small, unshapely teeth for years and finally decide to make a change. Years ago, unnatural looking crowns were used for damaged teeth, which many patients decide to replace with porcelain veneers. Periodontal disease can destroy your smile, while tetracycline use as a child creates unsightly stains and discoloration later in life.

One common treatment in cosmetic dentistry today takes a thin layer of porcelain to cover a tooth's surface, called teeth veneers. Light flows through the porcelain just like it would in a real tooth, creating completely natural looking and white teeth! Porcelain can also replace mercury fillings and crowns. With advanced smile makeovers, teeth can be completely reshaped and restored in just a few visits!

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