Cures For Bad Breath

Written by Patricia Skinner
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New cures for the age old problem of bad breath surface all the time. One important aspect of dealing with chronic bad breath that many people seem to overlook is basic, thorough oral hygiene. While most of us clean our teeth at least once a day, are we sure that we're cleaning properly?

Good technique is required to clean between the teeth and around the edges of the gums. Dentists recommend at least two minutes of thorough brushing. Failure to get all the bacteria and dental debris will eventually result in an overgrowth of bacteria that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. To the contrary, proper brushing of teeth, gums and even your tongue will, in most cases, help to keep breath continually fresh and sweet and will keep dangerous bacteria under control.

Bad Breath and Oral Decay

Once tooth decay and gum disease have made an appearance it becomes a lot more difficult to overcome bad breath. Gum pockets in particular are difficult to clean, or irrigate properly. They become a haven for damaging and evil-smelling bacteria that cause bad breath and damage your health on several different fronts.

If you are aware that you have gum pockets, regular visits to a dentist who can help you overcome the problem are essential. Regular rinsing with mouth wash or salt water solution can help tremendously. Also, try an oral irrigation product. In addition to the regular Water Pik machines, Water Pik makes a special irrigation tool for dealing with gum pockets called a Pik Pocket.

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