Cybersonic Replacement Brush Heads

Written by Patricia Skinner
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All the different makes of powered toothbrushes claim for themselves the most advanced technology. In truth, all the leading makes are good and will give you lots of great service. There's no doubt that powered toothbrushes will give you a cleaner mouth and healthier teeth and gums. Cybersonic is in a class of its own, however.

The latest model delivers an amazing 41,000 sonic brush strokes per minute. That's a lot of cleaning power. These electric toothbrushes are so powerful that they will allow you to remove plaque buildup and even light stains. You will only need to use your Cybersonic once, or at most twice a day.

Deep Down Clean

The best thing about a Cybersonic toothbrush, however, is that it will help you to get that hidden area just under the edge of your gums thoroughly clean. For some of us this is a first. This is why gum disease is so prevalent. Quite simply, there are a lot of people who think they are cleaning their teeth every day, but in truth they're leaving some pretty frightening stuff behind. Eventually the plaque and bacteria sets up an acid reaction that can inflame and infect your gums. Eventually, it will begin to eat through your tooth enamel.

You can choose from a round brush, or a traditional shaped brush head when you buy a Cybersonic electric toothbrush. Either are available as replacements when you need them. You can expect to replace your brush heads ever three to six months. If you have braces fitted, you may need to replace them more often.

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