Cybersonic Toothbrush

Written by Patricia Skinner
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More and more people are turning to powered toothbrushes to help them take good care of their teeth. It has been proven that powered toothbrushes effectively attack build ups of plaque and debris that, if not removed, will eventually eat through your tooth enamel and cause gum disease. The Cybersonic toothbrush is one of the leaders in its field.

Powerful Yet Gentle

Able to deliver 41,000 sonic strokes per minute in a way that's gentle but effective, Cybersonic offers customers two different types of brush head to suit personal preference. Although dentists recommend two minutes of manual brushing at least once a day, with a powered toothbrush such as the Cybersonic you can be done in less time. Even if you should choose to do the full two minutes though, you'll be relieved to know that this equipment will not damage your teeth or gums, as it's so gentle.

One of the main advantages with using a powered toothbrush is that it will reach those hard-to-get-at crevices that are often where tooth decay begins. Using a powered toothbrush and regular flossing will help you to make sure you keep your teeth looking bright and healthy. The Cybersonic also comes with a flossing attachment so you can do both with greater efficiency.

Cybersonic is perfect for the whole family, and you'll only need one machine. You can easily get extra toothbrush heads that come in different colors so that each user can identify his or her own brush. You can buy extra or replacement toothbrushes inexpensively. The unit also comes with a one year warranty to add to the value of this great oral care tool.

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