Dentist Listings

Written by Norene Anderson
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Dentist listings are available from many avenues. Managed care organization providers have listings of dentists providing dental services for those enrolled in dental coverage. Many 800-number services exist to locate the most appropriate dentist for you in your area. Online services offer instant access to information on dentists within any zip code or community.

Before trusting just any of the dentist listings, make sure you are using a reputable source. The information should include the education, length of time in practice, area of specialty, type of insurance accepted, and other pertinent information. The dentist should be in good standing with the American Dental Association. A dentist licensed with the State Board is qualified in most aspects of dentistry. They will refer a patient to a dental specialist when necessary.

Information Dentist Listings Provide

Dentist listings will include specialties such as Orthodontics for those needing braces or other intervention for repositioning the teeth. Pedodontics (or Pediatrics) is the area of dentistry specializing in the dental needs of children through teenagers. The teeth are important for looks and for the practical purposes of eating and speaking.

One way to make your trip to the dentist more productive is to follow some general guidelines for good dental health. Prevention is much better than treatment. Avoid excessive amounts of sugar. Brush at least twice a day and floss daily. Gently massage the gums to increase circulation to the gums. Adequate fluoridation is necessary to prevent cavities. This is particularly important for children during the formative years for the teeth.

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