Dentist Referrals

Written by Norene Anderson
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Dentist referrals online or on the phone are the quickest ways to locate a dentist in your area. You can refine your search by zip code or street to find the one nearest your home or office. Many referral services offer information online with the submission of a limited amount of criteria. Most also offer live assistance via an 800 phone number. If you prefer to speak to someone, this is the method to use.

Checking dentist referrals with a reputable service or agency is the best way to determine the education and credentials of any dentist in your area. If you need more information than what is offered, the agency can direct you to the source to answer your questions. Many people want to speak to some of the dentist's clients for a personal take on what the dentist is like. Some offices have a website with testimonials regarding the treatment and care experienced.

Important Dentist Referrals

It is particularly important to have dentist referrals if you desire any type of cosmetic or reconstructive dental surgery. You should ask for pictures of before and after the procedure. Never allow a dentist to do a cosmetic procedure if he or she will not provide you with pictures depicting the work on another patient. Testimonials with pictures are easy to find if the work is top quality.

If you have a family dentist and need some type of special procedure out of the range of your dentist, your best referral source is your own dentist. He or she knows the qualifications of the specialists and maintain a professional relationship through referrals. If you question the qualifications, you can always verify the credentials with the state and national dental association.

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