Dentists In Los Angeles

Written by Patty Yu
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In the pursuit of detailed cosmetic dentistry, people will find many dentists in Los Angeles who offer a wide scope of services. For some cosmetic dentistry candidates, the only services required is teeth whitening, which is an affordable and quick way to transform any smile. However, some cosmetic dentistry patients will require much more extensive treatments that completely reshape their smiles.

Cosmetic Procedures by Dentists in Los Angeles

Many adults experience tooth discoloration that is often due to natural aging, although the teeth can become more severely stained by coffee, smoking, or medication. For mild to moderate whitening concerns, custom tray bleaching is usually sufficient and more affordable than other methods. However, laser teeth whitening can whiten tougher cases with just one office visit.

There are times when dentists in Los Angeles will employ dental veneers for patients with severely discolored teeth. Patients with structural issues and discoloration issues are also good candidates for teeth veneers. Since veneers are adhered to the tooth's surface, these thin pieces of plastic or porcelain can fix broken teeth, gaps in the teeth, decaying teeth, and all types of misshaped teeth.

Dental bonding is similar to dental veneers in the types of cosmetic dentistry issues combated. A composite resin material--that looks just like real tooth once set--is applied in layers to the prepared teeth. Once set, the composite material is molded into the desired shape and polished carefully. Dentists in Los Angeles practice their sculpting, and often are described by their patients as artists. Dental bonding is excellent for teeth that require extensive repair and restructuring due to damage or decay.

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