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Written by Norene Anderson
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You can find dentists in Santa Clarita with expertise in pediatric dentistry. A pediatric dentist is specially trained in calming the anxious child during a dental procedure. The offices are designed with children in mind. The atmosphere is rich with kid-friendly aroma. The staff dresses in a manner that makes the child comfortable.

You will find dentists in Santa Clarita specializing in dentistry for children know how to make the child comfortable during a procedure. The dentist may or may not prefer the parent to accompany the child in the treatment room. A lot depends on the age and disposition of the child. Sometimes the comfort of a parent near helps and other times it only makes the child want to go to the parent.

Find Dentists in Santa Clarita for Children

Many find dentists in Santa Clarita very sensitive to the need for sedation in children with excessive anxiety or if a long procedure is indicated. Often mild gas sedation is all that is needed. Some may require heavier sedation or even a general anesthesia. The pediatric dentist will be able to determine what is needed when the patient is seen for an initial examination.

Preventing cavities from forming should be priority with every parent. Developing good dental hygiene should begin when the first tooth appears. It is important to see a pediatric dentist by the time the child is one year old. At this time, the dentist can provide helpful instructions on preventive care for everything from brushing to the proper use of sippy cups.

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