Hollywood Dentists

Written by Patty Yu
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Many Hollywood dentists not only offer all the usual dental services, but often provide various cosmetic dentistry procedures as well. Many cosmetic dentistry candidates spent their entire lives feeling insecure about their smiles, while others experience a sudden need after accidentally knocking out a tooth. In the simplest case, a person might have straight teeth, but they turned yellow with age.

Hollywood Dentists for Cosmetic Procedures

Hollywood dentists with some professional strength bleaching can fix dull, yellow teeth easily. Custom tray bleaching is highly effective and affordable, although the results are gradual over the course of wearing the tray. Newer technologies made laser teeth whitening available, which use laser light to activate a bleaching gel rapidly. Results are immediate after only one office visit.

There comes a time when teeth are so discolored that bleaching will not achieve the desired results. When this is the case, Hollywood dentists employ other methods, such as dental veneers. Teeth veneers cover the tooth's surface with thinly shaped pieces of plastic or porcelain. The treated teeth can be completely reshaped before applying the veneers, making veneers excellent for fixing broken, misshaped, or crooked teeth.

Similarly, dental bonding is also used for whitening and fixing damaged or decayed teeth. Hollywood dentists sculpt the new smile using a composite resin material applied in layers to a prepared tooth. The composite material is very similar to real teeth, which is excellent for structural repair and fillings. Unlike silver fillings, the composite fillings expand and constrict just like real teeth, which is unlikely to cause damage to the tooth.

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