Hydro Floss

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Using water as a means of cleaning the entire oral cavity is not a new idea. There have been machines, known as oral irrigators, on sale for decades now that have been proven to effectively increase standards of oral hygiene. This automatically contributes to a reduction in tooth decay and gum disease. In fact an oral irrigator is one of the most effective tools used to reverse gum disease because it can effectively remove plaque and bacteria from beneath the gum line.

It does this gently so that it doesn't contribute to further inflammation which in itself is a symptom of gum disease. The Hydro Floss is a new type of oral irrigator. It has now become one of the most popular brands, and the company claims that their machine provides a 64 percent greater reduction of tartar. So what's different about the Hydro Floss?

New Hydro Magnetic Technology

To begin with this machine uses an innovative new technology. The Hydro Floss does not use mere water pressure. By a special process of ionization the water that is directed against the teeth has a "magnetic" quality which draws away tartar and plaque from the surface of the teeth and even from beneath the surface of the gums. This is unique.

If you want up to the minute advances in oral irrigators then the Hydro Floss is for you. The unit comes with four individual jet tips which can be replaced if necessary. Dentists are beginning to recommend the Hydro Floss above other oral irrigators because it is so effective.

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