Los Angeles Dental Makeovers

Written by Patty Yu
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Many people who forgo orthodontic procedures during their youth often decide to pursue Los Angeles dental makeovers in adulthood. Los Angeles cosmetic dentists are able to completely transform a person's smile with various procedures and techniques. From the simplest treatments, such as teeth whitening, to extensive restructuring procedures, like dental bonding, people can have exactly the smile they want.

Types of Los Angeles Dental Makeovers

Some people already have straight teeth, but realize their pearly whites are more like dully yellows. Age plays a big part in tooth discoloration, but so do tea, coffee, cigarettes, and medication. For mild to moderate discoloration, custom tray bleaching is quite effective. Laser teeth whitening is suitable for a large spectrum of discoloration issues, and the results are immediate after one office visit.

Tooth discoloration can sometimes be so severe that cosmetic dentists suggest dental veneers as the whitening method. Dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain or plastic, which adhere to the tooth's surface. Patients who require whitening and tooth reshaping are excellent candidates for veneers since they also fix broken or chipped teeth, crooked teeth, and misshaped teeth. The results can be especially dramatic for those who need full Los Angeles dental makeovers.

Similar results can also be achieved through dental bonding. Using a tooth colored composite resin, dentists sculpt and mold the material to achieve any desired tooth shape. Dental bonding is excellent for teeth that require extensive restructuring because the materials are strong and bond to the teeth. Patients can have perfectly straight and white smiles with dental bonding for their ideal Los Angeles dental makeovers.

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