Los Angeles Dentists

Written by Patty Yu
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In a town known to draw artists, actors, and musicians, Los Angeles dentists commonly offer cosmetic dentistry services for those who want industry perfect smiles. However, actors and musicians are not the only ones seeking Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry. All kinds of people who are dissatisfied in some way by their teeth also enjoy their options when it comes to obtaining smile makeovers.

Common Services Rendered by Los Angeles Dentists

The most common cosmetic dentistry services performed by Los Angeles dentists is teeth whitening. Many people have straight teeth, but notice yellowing or staining due to age, smoking, coffee staining, or medication. Mild to moderate discoloration is easily remedied with custom tray bleaching. However, more intensive whitening can be achieved with laser teeth whitening, which provides instant results in one visit.

Many cosmetic dentistry candidates desire much more than a whiter smile, possible due to an accident that broke several teeth, or by forgoing orthodontics during childhood. A cosmetic dentistry procedure such as dental bonding in Los Angeles can fix various structural issues using a composite material bonded to the tooth. After applied the material in layers, the dentist sculpts it into the desired shape and polishes it for a natural finish.

Dental veneers are also often used to reshape a smile by adhering thin layers of plastic or porcelain to the tooth. Broken teeth, chipped teeth, gaps in the teeth, crooked teeth, and severely discolored teeth are all often remedied with teeth veneers. Plastic veneers are less expensive than porcelain veneers in Los Angeles, but the porcelain material lasts much longer. Consulting with Los Angeles dentists will help you decide how to achieve the results you desire.

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