Los Angeles Sedation Dentists

Written by Patty Yu
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For all the people who avoid going to a dentist for years, Los Angeles sedation dentists may be the perfect solution. You would be surprised how many adults are highly afraid of visiting the dentist. They may be frightened by needles and shots, or hate the noises and smells at the dentist. Some people have had traumatic experiences in the past, and feel too anxious to return.

Some people stop going to the dentist because they feel discomfort that they don't know how to bring up. Perhaps the person has a bad gag reflex, or difficulty responding to Novocain. Some people have very sensitive teeth and gums, and some are embarrassed to find out what problems exist with their teeth. There are also people who know they have complex problems, but are afraid to have several procedures performed.

Help from Los Angeles Sedation Dentists

Los Angeles sedation dentists offer sleep dentistry specifically for patients with any fears about dental care. The way sleep dentistry works, the patient takes an oral sedative prior to being driven to the dentist's office by a companion. By the time the patient arrives, he or she should be feeling the sedative's effects. A team monitors patients closely before, during, and immediately after the procedures.

While patients are sedated, Los Angeles sedation dentists can perform several procedures to combat several years of neglect. Not only are reparative procedures performed, but the dentist can also perform cosmetic dentistry procedures. Most patients feel no discomfort and have little memory of the visit. After the treatments are complete, the patients go home with a companion with a completely healthy smile.

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