Mouth Ulcer

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A mouth ulcer is more commonly referred to as a canker sore. These unsightly, painful sores are found in and around your mouth, lips and gums. Appearing when you least expect it, a canker sore is well-known for the intense pain it can inflict on an unsuspecting person.

Small but Painful

Though the sores are no bigger than a pea, a mouth ulcer can prohibit you from regular, everyday activities such as eating or drinking. Spicy, salty or acidic foods can prove impossible to consume when you have a canker sore flare up. While there are dozens of treatments on the market today, not all can eliminate the pain and infection in record time.

Those topical ointments which contain glycerin and peroxide have proven most effective when treating canker sores. Upon application, the ointment eliminates the burning sensation and numbs the area. As this happens, the bacteria around the sore is killed and the healing process begins.

Avoiding a Mouth Ulcer

While teens are more susceptible to this type of infection, no one is truly safe. Taking a daily vitamin that includes folic acid, iron and zinc can help future outbreaks. Additionally a baking soda-based tooth brush can disinfect your mouth making it difficult to breed any infections.

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