Mouth Ulcer Cure

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A Mouth ulcer cure does not require a prescription or a trip to your dentist or doctor. If you are looking for instant relief you don't have to look far. Visit your local drug store or place an order via the web for effective, fast acting treatments for canker sores.

But I Have Good Hygiene

Canker sores are not indicative of neglectful dental hygiene. You could brush your teeth three times a day and still be prone to these sores. They are nothing to be embarrassed about and more than half of the American population is plagued by this sores.

Look for a Mouth Ulcer Cure Ointment

A quality mouth ulcer cure will eliminate the pain of a canker sore upon contact. While these sores aren't contagious, they tend to be extremely painful. Many over-the-counter topical ointments can relieve that pain instantly.

Anti-bacterial rinses will help keep your canker sore clean and free of further infection. No treatment will heal your canker sore immediately, so be prepared to deal with slight pain and flare ups for as many as ten days. If the pain and infection persists, you should contact your doctor for prescription medication.

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