Mouth Ulcers

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Mouth ulcers are a common problem among adolescents. These tiny sores are often found in young women with higher than normal stress levels. Since these sores thrive in bodies with lower immune systems it makes sense that younger people would be affected more as their bodies are still maturing.

What Are Mouth Ulcers?

Found individually or in clusters, mouth ulcers are typically gray or pale yellow in color and are surrounded by red, irritated skin. These sores can last anywhere from five to ten days and are accompanied by a painful burning sensation. Eating or drinking can irritate existing sores and hinder the healing process.

There are many over-the-counter topical solutions that can help eliminate the pain of a mouth ulcer. These ointments act as a liquid band aid preventing the sore from further irritation. These treatments can eliminate the pain of a canker sore in a matter of minutes, though complete healing will still take a few days.

How to Prevent Canker Sores

By eliminating spicy, acidic or salty foods from your diet you may avoid potential canker sores from forming. Taking a daily supplement may also prevent the onset of these sores. For further treatment ideas continue reading this site or contact your local dentist.

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