Oral Irrigators

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Gum disease tends to creep up on you. It may begin when you're exceptionally busy for a few days, or when you've been eating the wrong things for a stretch of time. Occasionally it happens when someone is in a position where they don't have access to proper dental hygiene for some reason.

What's for sure is that gum disease gets a hold when conditions in the mouth are ripe for the development of bacteria and plaque. Before you know it your gums can be swollen, inflamed and painful to the touch. This makes treatment of gum disease very painful indeed. It is essential to get all the bacteria and plaque out from under the edges of the gum so that the area can begin to heal. For many people this is a catch 22 situation because the very act of cleaning the teeth with a regular toothbrush is agony.

New Breed of Oral Irrigator

There's some good news though. The use of oral irrigators can help you keep your teeth and gums clean without excruciating pain. By directing powerful jets of water into the mouth, food debris, plaque and bacteria are forcefully flushed away. Within a very short space of time you'll begin to notice that inflammation and bad breath are receding as your gums are able to heal themselves.

There is a new make of oral irrigator called the Hydro Floss that goes one step further than using water power though. Through ionization the water takes on a magnetic quality. This means it is able to literally pull plaque and bacteria from your mouth, even from under the gums. This can have a remarkable effect on the health of your gums in a very short time indeed.

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