Plaque Disclosing Tablets

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Sometimes, with the best will in the world, we brush our teeth and yet leave a great deal of plaque and debris behind. The places where plaque hides can be hard to reach, and if you can't actually see the deposits on your teeth, it can be hard to cover all of your mouth and do a good removal job. A solution to the problem is plaque disclosing tablets.

These brightly colored staining tablets will harmlessly stain tartar, plaque and food debris in the mouth. This will enable thorough cleaning. For many people what shows up with the use of plaque disclosing tablets is nothing short of a revelation.

A Short Term Strategy

Usually the tablets will not be used for a long period of time. They are primarily to teach people how to clean their teeth, so a few weeks is probably all that is needed. Even a couple of uses will probably be enlightening. After that, cleaning properly will become second nature.

Plaque disclosing tablets are a particularly helpful tool when teaching children how to clean their teeth. After a while there will probably be no need to use them when the child has learned all the places where plaque hides. The object is to give them a head start in learning to clean their teeth properly and effectively. Remember to warn your children not to swallow the plaque disclosing liquid. Good habits can pay off with a life time of healthy teeth.

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