Sleep Dentists In Beverly Hills

Written by Patty Yu
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Sleep dentists in Beverly Hills understand that there are many adults who fear visits to the dentist's office. Many people avoid going to the dentist for years because they dislike the experience. After neglecting dental treatments for several years, people start avoiding the dentist out of embarrassment, knowing there may be many problems with their teeth. Sleep dentistry is specifically for these people.

For those people who are afraid to visit the dentist, it is important to know that sleep dentists in Beverly Hills understand that many people dislike the needles, shots, smells, and sounds. The dentists also understand that some people have had traumatic experiences in the past. Some people have very sensitive teeth, a bad gag reflex, or have a hard time getting numb from Novocain.

An Easy Visit to Sleep Dentists in Beverly Hills

With sleep dentistry, patients are basically asleep through the entire dental visit. After taking an oral sedative, the patient must be driven to the dentist's office by a companion. The dentist's team monitors the patient carefully while the dentist performs all the necessary procedures. Not only do sleep dentists in Beverly Hills perform reparative procedures, but some also provide cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Unless the patient requires especially extensive work, most procedures can be completed in one visit. Patients usually feel no discomfort throughout the visit, and many have little or no memory of it. A companion must escort you home for safety reasons. With sleep dentistry, years of neglect can be remedied in one sitting, and the patient doesn't have to feel, smell, taste, or hear any of it.

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