Sleep Right Night Guard

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Grinding the teeth is a problem for many people. Being tense and agitated often translates into clenching the jaws together. The activity often continues at night, and over time it can inflict serious damage on teeth and gums. In extreme cases the roots of teeth can be permanently damaged leading to tooth loss, and the hinges of the jaw can even be worn to ineffectiveness. In addition, pain of the jaw and neck is often attributed to teeth grinding.

This condition is called bruxism. Because it is a reflex response to stress and tension, it is impossible for the individual to control it, especially during the hours of sleep. A solution put forward by dentists is the night guard, a type of shield worn at night to keep the jaws slightly apart.

Doctors Use Sleep Right

The Sleep Right night guard is one of the best in its class. Many dentists and doctors use the appliance themselves and also recommend it for their patients. The Sleep Right helps patients to relax at night by discouraging clenching. Added benefits of wearing the Sleep Right include relief from snoring. The appliance is not recommended for this purpose but users find that it is a pleasant side effect.

This night guard can also be used during sports where clenching of the teeth is a natural response, such as golf, tennis, weightlifting and so on. This type of guard is only suitable for non-contact sports. It is particularly economical, being a lot less expensive than many other models of night guard.

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