Smile Makeovers

Written by Patty Yu
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People who spent their whole lives dissatisfied with their teeth are discovering there are ways to have the smile makeovers of their dreams. Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry makes it possible, with many different options available for all types of dental desires. From simple teeth whitening to a more extensive treatment like dental veneers, people can subtly or dramatically change their smiles.

Types of Smile Makeovers

One way to transform a smile without spending a fortune is by way of a simple teeth whitening procedure. Adults often notice their smiles fading into an unsightly yellow color, mostly due to aging. Some people have more severely discolored teeth from coffee stains, years of smoking, or from medications. To whiten the teeth, patients can choose from advanced procedures like laser teeth whitening, to the traditional custom tray bleaching.

Teeth with severe discoloration, partnered with crooked teeth, broken teeth, or misshaped teeth, make the patient a strong candidate for teeth veneers. Also called dental veneers, these thin layers of plastic or porcelain cover discoloration and reshape the teeth for dramatic smile makeovers. Porcelain veneers are longer lasting and more natural looking, but more expensive than plastic.

Dental bonding is also effective in the same way that dental veneers create smile makeovers. With dental bonding, dentists work with a composite resin that comes in many different tooth colors to match any tooth. The composite can be molded and sculpted to create beautiful, straight, full teeth. Dental bonding in Los Angeles is especially effective for broken teeth and decaying teeth that require restructuring.

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