Teeth Cleaning

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Teeth cleaning is a necessary part of dental hygiene. There are two forms of cleaning that are required to keep your smiling looking fresh and white. First there are the steps taken at home on a daily basis. Additionally, two trips a year to your dentist will ensure you avoid any unnecessary dental issues.

Your Daily Routine

The cleaning you do at home on an ongoing basis is likely comprised of brushing with a tooth brush and paste. Whether you use tartar-control paste or a flexible handle brush, you stand in front of the mirror each day and spend roughly a minute and a half scrubbing your teeth. As mentioned, brushing three times a day is recommended, but we know how hard it is to change a habit.

Additionally, your at-home care should consist of a few other necessary steps. Flossing your teeth and gums is imperative to avoid gum disease and bacteria build up. Rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash will help your enamel stay strong while killing off any hidden bacteria in your mouth.

A Thorough Teeth Cleaning

Visiting your dentist twice a year can help prevent cavities. Even with a regular brushing and cleaning routine, plaque tends to build up. These visits to the dentist help remove six months worth of build up through a more rigorous teeth cleaning session. Your dentist can also evaluate your teeth to see if any cavities or forming or if new teeth are growing in. Having a professional look at your mouth twice a year is essential to protecting the health of your teeth.

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