Tongue Cleaners

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Bad breath is something everyone tries to avoid. Although nearly all of us suffer from bad breath at some time or another, some unlucky people suffer from chronic bad breath. This means their breath has a bad odor all the time. Some say that bad breath doesn't necessarily come from the mouth itself, and that there can be other causes. To a certain extent this is true: it's possible that a stomach condition or sinus infection is to blame.

Those cases are few and far between, however. By far, the majority of cases of bad breath begins and ends in the mouth. Gum disease and tooth decay nearly always result in some degree of bad breath. Obviously, if you tackle the source by having your teeth and gums fixed, you can nail the bad breath as well.

Bad Odors Coming From the Tongue

Occasionally, the tongue is to blame though. For reasons which aren't clear some of us are far more likely to experience bad odor emanating from debris that adheres to the tongue, particularly towards the back of the tongue. Dental products companies have come to our rescue by manufacturing a variety of tools to remove these residues, called tongue scrapers.

Tongue scrapers are really easy to use. Just thirty seconds a day will remove reservoirs of bacteria and food debris that are detrimental to your health. Used regularly they will remove residues and allow us to achieve sweet smelling breath once again.

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