Vancouver Teeth Bleaching

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Vancouver teeth bleaching usually happens one of two ways. First, Vancouver teeth bleaching can take place in the office. The Vancouver dentist applies a special bleaching gel to the teeth, which he then activates with a laser or other high-intensity light.

Vancouver Teeth Bleaching at Home

Vancouver teeth bleaching can also take place at home. Canadian dentists fit their patients with appliances designed specifically for them, so that the bleaching is much more accurate than it would be with a generic bleaching kit. Generic bleaching kits often end up irritating the gums, because the trays are oversized. A tray that fits properly will ensure that the bleaching agent misses the gums while touching the teeth.

Perhaps the best way to bleach the teeth is with a combination of these two techniques. Patients will visit the dentist for an intense in-office bleaching. They will then be asked to use at-home bleaching trays for up to two weeks. Finally, they will return to the dentist for a final bleaching and polishing.

The result is a natural-looking, beautifully white smile. Patients not only look more attractive after whitening their teeth, but often look younger. As we age, our teeth usually turn more and more yellow. Turning back the stains helps turn back the clock.

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