Whitening Teeth

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Whitening teeth can be a very painful process for some people. If you have sensitive teeth than you may want to avoid bleaching systems altogether. For all others, read the paragraphs below to learn the pros and cons of each whitening process before you commit to a product or service.

Comparing Systems

Over-the-counter systems, as we've mentioned previously, are not custom made for each user. For this reason you will not get the same results you would for the same service at a dentist's office. Swallowing bleaching agents, hurting your gums and less-than noticeable results are just some of the complaints consumers have had about store-bought bleaching products.

Whitening teeth through dentist-assisted products have better results, but will cost you additional money. Through customized trays, you can apply the bleaching agent daily. This process is effective, but it does take two weeks for noticeable results. If you have the time and the money, this product might work for you.

Whitening Teeth Can Be Expensive

Finally, the most effective way of whitening your teeth is through a dental office bleaching procedure. With the use of bleaching agents and ultra-violet light, your teeth will lighten up to ten shades in less than 90 minutes. Of course with results this good you can expect to pay a hefty price tag.

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