Recession Depression

Written by NJames
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During times of economic turmoil, Americans are left feeling scared. Businesses are struggling to pull through and waiting for a miracle to happen; for many, it won't come soon enough. Times are so tough that many senior citizens are going back to work, and Wal-Mart is one of the few companies willing to hire them. An 85-year-old man turned to Wal-Mart after losing his entire pension; his retirement was cut short, to say the least. "It's been very difficult to face the job market at my age," he told me. "Even working at Wal-Mart doesn't cover all of my expenses, and it's scary."

People are laid off every day. These are hard-working men and women fighting to keep their heads above water, and the thought of losing all they've worked for terrifies them. As Americans look to the future, they're faced with doubt, struggle, and what little faith they have left. Taxes continue to rise, and that adds to the stress. With the economy slowly getting back to normal Americans are looking forward to a better tomorrow.

Many out-of-work Americans don't receive help to get by--making each day harder and harder. By law, people are required to work at least six months to qualify for unemployment, leaving many alone and desperate. While the country continues to face rough times, we have to tell ourselves things will get better.

Healthcare has become another obstacle for Americans to face. Some people can barely afford their monthly bills, let alone healthcare; because of this, the pressure adds up. The fight may be far from over, but with each passing day, Americans come closer to a better future. It may not happen as fast as we'd like--but in the end, it will happen.

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