Addiction Assessments

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Before entering or just after entering a treatment center one of the first things an addict can expect is an addiction assessment. This is a way for the center's professional counselors to examine a substance abuser to determine his/her level of addiction. Not everything is black and white. A person is not simply an addict or not. There are different degrees of addiction as well as different causes for addiction.

One of the best ways to treat addiction is to specifically address the needs of the addict. Having an assessment is the first step to creating a tailored program. Just like people learn differently, people also recover differently. Treating everyone the same is the surest way to fail at helping them.

Assessing an Addict's Level of Addiction

An addict can have an addiction assessment independently, or a loved one can have one done for the addict. In having the assessment, be prepared to answer some difficult questions about the addict and his/her addiction. You will need to describe the history of the addict's substance abuse problem. This will include what the addict's drug of choice is, how using has affected the addict's life, and how using has affected the addict's family and friends.

If you are planning an intervention, getting an addiction assessment can be a great tool to help convince the addict that he/she needs help. Having the opinion of a qualified professional can be valuable ammunition. When it comes to saving the life of someone you love from the grip of substance abuse, you need all the weapons in your arsenal you can get.

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