Addiction Recovery

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Those who have ever had a substance abuse problem know that there is no such thing as curing an addiction. Addiction is more like a chronic illness that can be treated and can even be put into remission but never cured. No matter how many years of sobriety a person has under his/her belt, a relapse can always be just around the corner.

Addiction is a war that is won one small battle at a time, but it can be won. It is won every day that an addict doesn't use. It is won every day that an addict makes positive decisions about his/her life or solves a problem in a positive way. Staying in recovery is winning the war against addiction. Finding the right program and working the program is the key to staying in recovery.

The Many Steps to Addiction Recovery

While there are a few different schools of thought about how best to treat addiction, there are a few principles that are universal. The first step in treatment is detoxification. During detoxification the body receives no more of its addictive substance. This can be a harrowing experience for an addict as the body goes through the painful symptoms of withdrawal. Theories of how to ease this pain are greatly varied.

The next steps to recovery usually include some form of the following: Addicts are encourage to seek out the causes of their addictions be they physical or emotional problems. With this knowledge, addicts can find different ways, which don't include substance abuse, of dealing with these problems. Next, addicts will be taught skills to help them avoid using in the future. The skills can include attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, strategies for choosing relationships, improved communication skills, and other things that will prepare an addict for living in the real world, which is full of temptations.

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