Chemical Dependency Counselors

Written by Christa Gatewood
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If there is one single thing that is crucial to a successful recovery from addiction, it is having a good counselor to talk to and guide you. Anyone can babysit addicts and watch them go through detox, but what happens after detox is what will determine whether or not the addict will go back to using. Chemical dependency counselors help give addicts the tools they need to turn away from substance abuse and make better choices in the future.

Many addiction counselors are themselves former addicts. Having been through treatment, they decided to dedicate their lives to helping others going through the same thing they once did. Counselors with real life experience can offer an additional perspective on addiction to the addicts they counsel. They can share their experience, reassure the addicts that they are not alone, and give meaningful advice. Perhaps the best thing these particular counselors can offer is a positive example. Addicts can see that treatment can work for them as well.

Finding a Good Counselor is Key

Being able to work with and trust your counselor is vital to the recovery process. Counseling can unearth a lot of hidden emotions and can be a very intimate process. It is a good idea to investigate the qualifications of the counselors at a treatment center before checking in.

All good chemical dependency counselors are trained extensively in the treatment process and in handling substance abusers. Many universities around the country offer majors and minors in Addiction Counseling. Some counselors are also psychologists or psychiatrists. Moreover, the treatment centers typically put their counselors through a rigorous training program so that the counselors can be certified.

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