Darvocet Addiction

Written by Michael Federico
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Darvocet addiction has escalated in America alongside addiction to other painkillers such as OxyContin, Vicodin, and Percocet. Darvocet is a combination acetaminophin/propoxyphene prescribed for the treatment of mild to moderate pain; generally taken orally every four hours. Propoxyphene is addictive, and if Darvocet use is not closely monitored, users can quickly become dependent on the drug.

Like most addictions, Darvocet addiction is both a physical and psychological one. Even though it is not one of the strongest painkillers, Darvocet still has the ability to alter a user's perception of pain, causing many to claim that their pain never truly subsided, but that it simply stopped bothering them. This creates a link in the user's mind between the pill and physical comfort. If not kept in check, the user can develop the belief that comfort cannot be experienced without the pill, and once that happens Darvocet addiction takes its hold.

Treatment for Darvocet Addiction

Rehab centers and drug therapies are as varied as the addictions they treat, but as advances in science have been made, doctors have developed methods that attempt to rid the patient of physical addiction while allowing them to avoid the horrors of withdrawal. Although these methods of rapid detox are not widely practiced, they are gaining validity as traditional rehab centers suffer from extremely low success rates.

Information on Darvocet addiction as well as addiction to all forms of painkillers can be gathered on the Internet. There are health sites dedicated to presenting the differences between the diverse forms of treatment. These sites also offer physicians' perspectives and accounts from former patients. Above all else, they convey that drug addiction can be treated, and that long-term success can be achieved.

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