Detox Centers

Written by Michael Federico
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Detox centers take a variety of forms. There are those that rest in the woods, cut off from the rest of the world, and in theory, from temptation. There are detox centers that focus on the psychological aspects of addiction and those that concentrate on the physical. Each has its own method for helping patients deal with what can be the excruciating pain of withdrawal.

As more and more drugs flood the market, both legal and otherwise, more and more forms of addiction surface, forcing detox centers to maintain proven methods while continually developing new practices to deal with new problems. If a detox center is unable to cope with the shifting nature of addiction, it will more than likely suffer from the low success rates that are all too common in drug rehabilitation.

Detox Center Programs

Traditionally, many detox centers have treated addiction through a combination of psychological therapy and drug replacement. The most common of these programs are the now well-known "Methadone Clinics." Methadone is given to heroin addicts in order to curb the effects of withdrawal. However, many have found that in this trade off, addicts develop an addiction to the Methadone. This pattern of addiction makes it more likely that they will return to using heroin once they have left the clinic.

New programs aimed at quick, painless relief and long term success have gained notice over the past decade. These programs treat physical addiction while the patient is under a non-surgical anesthesia in the hope that when the patient wakes up, their bodies have been flushed of the drug and they have avoided the physical pain that accompanies withdrawal. These rapid detox programs are attempting to demonstrate that drug addiction is a physical disease and a chemical imbalance that can be treated and cured.

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