Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Investing in drug and alcohol rehabilitation is in the best interest of society at large. Approximately 25 percent of Americans will die as a result of substance abuse. Half of all traffic accidents and homicides are alcohol-related. Moreover, 40 percent of people incarcerated for violent crimes report being under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they committed the crimes they were convicted of.

Knowing statistics such as these, it is a crime that more money is not spent on addiction treatment and prevention. For every seven dollars that we spend on health care and crime as a result of drug and alcohol abuse it would only cost one dollar in treatment. Treating substance abusers is analogous to treating a whole disease and not just its symptoms.

Treating Drug and Alcohol Addiction Through Rehab

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are an essential part of treating addiction. More than that, treating addiction allows professionals to gain information that will help improve the treatment process. We are not yet at a point where recovery can be 100 percent guaranteed, but we are evolving in our treatment practices as more studies can be done.

We already know a lot about addiction in general. While there are differences in addictions dependent on the situation and the drug of choice, there are several principles that apply to all addictions. For example, we know that in terms of substance abuse, addiction is not only physical; it is emotional and behavioral. We also know that in order to address the emotional and behavioral aspects of addiction we must first address the physical cravings and dependency. While we have learned these and many other things about addiction, there is still room for improvement.

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